Whether you need:

Storage for Moving/Remodeling

Waiting to move into your new home? Renovating? Security Self Storage has 3 convenient Fargo and West Fargo locations. Find one near you!

Storage Tip: Place items you may need at the front of your storage unit.

Storage for Traveling/Deployment

Leaving home for a while? Take advantage of our flexible month-to-month leases.

Storage Tip: Leave an extra key to your unit with a trusted friend while you're gone.

College Storage

Need to store your dorm stuff over the summer? Security Self Storage offers convenient Fargo locations. Find one near you!

Storage Tip: Save money on summer storage by renting a larger unit with a few friends.

Extra Room

Stowing away seasonal items? Tidying up for a house showing? Security Self Storage has the right size unit to fit your needs.

Storage Tip: For hassle-free access to your things, make a list of items in storage and where you have placed them.

We've Got the Storage Space You Need!



  • Our premium enclosed spaces provide protection from the elements
  • To eliminate the hazards of street parking
  • For the peace of mind that comes with our well-lit, fully fenced facilities and computer-controlled gates
  • To access to your vehicle 365 days a year

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