Security Self Storage has a wide range of indoor and outdoor storage units. Reserve one of our spaces online for free. Rent the space for short-term or long-term storage. 

Whether you need:

Car Storage

Worried about keeping your stored car in top form? Security Self Storage's enclosed units ensure your investment is safe from the elements. Rent our car trailer to get your vehicle into your space.

Storage Tip: Place a few packets of silica inside the car to preserve the interior.

Trailer/RV Storage

Tough to keep your RV or trailer at home? Security Self Storage has a variety of RV and trailer storage units spaces to suit your needs.

Storage Tip: Place a few packets of silica inside the vehicle to preserve the interior.

Boat Storage

Dry-dock your boat simply and conveniently. With Security Self Storage, you can access your watercraft 365 days a year.

Storage Tip: When storing, overinflate the tires on your trailer by five lbs. to ensure a longer service life.

ATV/Motorcycle Storage

When you're not on the road keep your motorcycle or ATV protected with Security Self Storage's enclosed units. Rent our flatbed trailer to transport it here.

Storage Tip: Remove the battery and keep it on a float-charger so when you're ready to ride, your ride is ready to run.

We've Got the Storage Space You Need!



  • Our premium enclosed spaces provide protection from the elements
  • To eliminate the hazards of street parking
  • For the peace of mind that comes with our well-lit, fully fenced facilities and computer-controlled gates
  • To access to your vehicle 365 days a year

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