Gone Outdoors Interview Transcript

Interviewee: Bruce Pantzke
Kyle Agre
June 25, 2018


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Kyle: Welcome back to the second half of this morning’s Gone Outdoors. Kyle Agre here with Scott Brewer of Brewer-Agre Outdoors and we are back on KWSN Sioux Falls and the Mighty 790 KFGO Fargo. We are joined in this third segment of this morning's program by Mr. Bruce Pantzke. He is the owner of Security Self Storage. Bruce, welcome to Gone Outdoors.

Bruce: Thank you, Kyle.

Kyle: Great to have you here, Bruce. We’ve had a chance to visit and we were talking a little bit off air here and just given our current climate and our current status in our society, we talked a lot about what it means to be a responsible gun and firearms owner, and with that you really have brought in a new aspect to your business at Security Self Storage, which gives folks a great alternative option to some of the other things that are out there in terms of responsibly storing their firearms and really any valuables as far as that is concerned. Bruce, tell us a little bit about this new component to your business, which is an actual gun vault secure room.

Bruce: Sure, well thanks, Kyle. You know we’ve been in the storage business here for 25 years, and myself being really involved with the outdoors – my family, my daughter, so on and so forth high school trap – and we just felt that to take our secure self storage to the next level and offer people of North Dakota an alternative to storing guns at home, maybe a short-term or so on so forth, and so we decided to go ahead and build a secure vault room with individual gun safes as well as electronic keypadded vaults for other items other than guns. But given the climate that's out there today, the amount of guns that are in our community, we just thought it would be a nice alternative to provide this service for folks other than keeping their guns in the home.

Kyle: I think it’s a fantastic idea. Bruce, as you look, and you know we were talking, what does it mean to be a responsible gun owner? It means being able to store your guns in a place that is safe, where they can't get into the wrong hands, where they can not be present to be part of an accident or anything else where they're going to be trouble. And for most of us, you know, we’re pretty thoughtful about that, and a lot times that means people have to invest a lot of money to get a gun vault brought into their home to purchase one. Those options are out there, but what you’ve done is you've actually brought that same concept of a secure safe gun vault to be off site at your facility. It’s safe, it’s behind multiple versions of security locks and allows people to store those firearms in a place where they are going to be safe and they are going to be out of the hands of kids or people that shouldn't be handling them.

Bruce: Yeah, that's right. Kyle, we, you know, our heritage and, you know, holy cow, I go back all my life in hunting and fishing in the state, and we just want to provide folks with an alternative to having to buy an expensive gun safe or given that short-term situation at home that they might need just a few months of storage of a highly-valuable item, firearm or what not, but our goal, obviously, is to keep the area safe. You know, give people an alternative to be safe and to store firearms responsibly. This location, where this room is at, is on our 25th Street, which will be across from the new Fargo-Moorhead Police Department, the old Border States Electric.

But we have three modes of security in that gun vault. It'll be accessible only during managers’ hours there through our office. They’ll check in with the manager and then they'll go through a keypad, electronic keypad entry door into the vault room and then they'll have their own keypad, electronic keypad access with their own code to get into their gun safe or vault.

So any rate, you know, our goal here again was just to provide that alternative and keep our community safe with the amount of firearms that are, that I think are, that are in our neighborhood, for lack of better terms, just by our heritage and...

Kyle: You know, there's another really good niche that this is going to fit into with. You know you had mentioned a high school trap teams and there's a lot of college trap teams, and, you know, if there's kids, let’s say, going to NDSU or Moorhead State or M State or any of those schools, and they’re living in the dorms, I'm pretty darn sure that they don't want to bring in their shotguns into school, into the dorm, so they need to have someplace to store them. And this is another great, it’s a great feature of this where people can store their guns at a location and they know they're going to be safe, but they can get to them when they need them and they don't have to worry about trying to keep them in the trunk of their car or behind the seat of the pickup or something like that.

Bruce: Absolutely. And the other key feature, if you will, is it’s very inexpensive. You know, we're going to be starting at $20 a month range, so on and so forth. But, uh, very inexpensive to give you that peace of mind at home. You know, if there's children in the home, so on and so forth, you know, we just think that our community, we can have an alternative to owning guns.

Kyle: You know, Bruce, I had the opportunity to go on and visit your facility and you gave me a tour of that room to kinda get a first-hand look of what you've got there and one of the things that impressed me is, and you mentioned it a bit ago, is the fact that you have multiple layers of security, not only is your office a locked building and folks have to be there when it's open, but you have to have a security code to get into the room and then a specific security code to get into your own fault. And that room is climate-controlled, so you control the humidity, you control the temperature, basically everything that is perfect for the ideal location for storing those firearms.

Bruce: Absolutely, and furthermore, Kyle, you know people are going to be storing other items other than firearms, which of course that humidity and that climate control is important. There might be jewelry, documents, so on and so forth, that room is extraordinary well-controlled with that environment.

Kyle: And it’s monitored by surveillance cameras. I noticed to it, it - you have multiple sizes. So you have the tall vaults for obviously the rifle/shotgun type firearms, but you also have smaller vaults as well that are available for other types of guns, or like you said other valuables that we might have.

Bruce: Sure.

Kyle: So you can kind of custom fit for what people might need.

Bruce: Yeah, yeah - you can kind of think of it like a large bank vault with some larger options if you will. But yes, we have the the smaller, if you think of them as handgun vaults, and then we have 13 and 17 gun long rifle or long gun safes as well. 

Kyle: That's perfect. And, uh, Bruce, now you are - you’re Security Self Storage. You have three locations. I know you have a West Fargo, you have a South Fargo and you have a North Fargo. It is that North Fargo on 25th Street North where this gun vault room is located. If folks have questions, if they want more information or they want to get ahold of somebody there, to actually get set up on renting one of these gun vaults, where would they go in and, you know, what phone number or website would they look for?

Bruce: Yeah, certainly. And, you know, we would welcome people to stop by and take a peek at that room and then just get a feel for it. Our address up there is 402 25th Street North and then, folks that are familiar with Fargo, it’s Main Avenue and 25th Street - Simonson Lumber there on the corner that most of us know of. And you just go under that underpass about 3 blocks north on the left and you'll see that the Border States Electric building on the right, which is supposed to be the new Fargo Police Department, but we'd encourage you to stop in. Give Linda or one of the guys a call up there and stop in and take a peek. 

Kyle: Perfect, thank you, Bruce. I really appreciate you coming in this morning and giving us a little of your time and sharing us - sharing with us this new part of the business that you have to offer. We appreciate it and look forward to hearing from you again in the future.

Bruce: Thank you so much, Kyle. And again our whole goal here is to help the community to stay safe with firearms and provide an alternative in the home. 

Kyle: Fantastic. Thank you, Bruce. And thank you, listeners. Stick around. We do have one more segment to go and it’s going to be a good one so don't go anywhere. We’ll be right after this quick break.

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